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WELCOME TO SVMOSCOW.COM, the first conceptual online store in Russia launched in 2013. Since then we have became one of the e-commerce leaders in the fashion segment on the local market. Our e-commerce project attracts customers from all over the globe who later become standing clients of Show More »

SVMOSCOW offers 1000s products from the best avant-garde designers from the globe which creates buzz among customers and media.  Earn an 8% commission every time someone links from your website to and makes a purchase. 



1. Increased commission opportunities for extra exposure

2. A 30-day tracking cookie with an unlimited amount of action referral.

3. Access to optimized product catalog and a wide variety of text links & creative banners.

4. Newsletters keeping you informed on SVMOSCOW  new products, and special offers as well as recommendations on our highest converting links.


 Please study carefully.


Keyword Bidding and Use of in search advertising: The SVMOSCOW brand name is the property of SV Butik LLC and is protected by Russian and international laws. At this time, SVMOSCOW does not allow affiliates to bid on the SVMOSCOW brand or words bearing a strong resemblance to it to attract traffic to their own sites. We reserve the right to remove any affiliate in breach of this from the SVMOSCOW program, refuse to pay for sales generated and take legal action if it is aware of initiatives of doubtful intention or that which might damage the company's image or that of its partners. The same is applicable for any initiative that might damage the reputation of SVMOSCOW or any exploitation of the name for purposes extraneous to the affiliation.

Prohibited Activities: Partner is not allowed to bid on SVMOSCOW as a keyword – irrespective whether a broad match or a specific match. Other terms banned from Partner’s bids are SVMOSCOW, SVMOSCOW.COM, SVMOSCOW COM, WWW SVMOSCOW, WWW SVMOSCOW COM, WWW.SVMOSCOW.COM, SVMOSCOW.RU, SVMOSCOW Store, SV Moscow, SV. 

Become our affiliate to earn and grow day by day. 


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Special Terms and Conditions:
1. Cashback Rates: Upto 7% Cashback

2. Cashback will be Tracked Within: 6 Hours

3. Posting Time for Cashback: Cash Back will be automatically added to your Coupox Cashback account today.

4. Ensure Your Cashback Is Successful:
• Make Sure To Complete Your Transaction Within The Opened Tab. If You Are Not Sure, Come Back And Click The Store Link Again.
• If Your Purchase/Payment/Checkout On Merchant Page Has An Error Or Failure, Please Click Through Our Website Again.
• Return To Our Website And Click Through Merchant Link When You Are Making A New Transaction.
• Click Through Activate Cashback Again If There Is Any Error.
• Read Terms And Conditions Of The Merchant Before Shopping.

5. Cashback will not be paid For:
• Making Bulk Purchases.
• Return And Canceled Orders.
• Purchase By Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers.
• Using Other Cashback/ Coupon/Deals/ Promo Codes Websites During The Session.
• Use Of Promo Codes Or Coupons Not Approved By Us.
• Try To Manipulate Out Website Or Engage In Fraud Activities.

Action Purchase
Online purchase with valid payment at
Referral Period
30 day(s)
Number Of Occurrences
Locking Method
Standard Actions will be locked after the 10th of the month.
Commission 14.00%

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