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*NOTE: In order to apply you must log into your PayPerCall tab and find their campaign via the "Apply To New Campaigns" button

We're excited to launch the CitiCliq PayPerCall only program!  Through working with publishers who specialize in B2B businesses take advantage of promoting this highly recognizable name brand by driving quality calls to the advertiser's call center.

Here are some benefits of the CitiCliq program:
•    Discounted web design and development.
•    Discounted Geo Targeting of the businesses website.
•    Discounted SEO of the businesses website.
•    Other discounted web marketing tools to promote small businesses in a localized market.
•    Discounted package of other invaluable tools for local businesses such as live chat, newsletters, craigslist auto posters, webinar solutions and more…
•    The net effect is an all in one web tools and marketing platform for local business owners who until now have not had a single source to turn to do in large part to cost and complexity.  CitiCliq finally allows small businesses to look and act like big business in their own backyard.


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Special Terms and Conditions:
1. Cashback Rates: Upto 50% Cashback

2. Cashback will be Tracked Within: 6 Hours

3. Posting Time for Cashback: Cash Back will be automatically added to your Coupox Cashback account today.

4. Ensure Your Cashback Is Successful:
• Make Sure To Complete Your Transaction Within The Opened Tab. If You Are Not Sure, Come Back And Click The Store Link Again.
• If Your Purchase/Payment/Checkout On Merchant Page Has An Error Or Failure, Please Click Through Our Website Again.
• Return To Our Website And Click Through Merchant Link When You Are Making A New Transaction.
• Click Through Activate Cashback Again If There Is Any Error.
• Read Terms And Conditions Of The Merchant Before Shopping.

5. Cashback will not be paid For:
• Making Bulk Purchases.
• Return And Canceled Orders.
• Purchase By Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers.
• Using Other Cashback/ Coupon/Deals/ Promo Codes Websites During The Session.
• Use Of Promo Codes Or Coupons Not Approved By Us.
• Try To Manipulate Out Website Or Engage In Fraud Activities.

CitiCliq PayPerCall
Referral Period
45 day(s)
Number Of Occurrences
Locking Method
Standard Actions will be locked after the 10th of the month.
Commission 100.00%

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